Issa Rae’s Inspiration For ‘Insecure’ Was A Lot More Literal Than Fans May Have Realized


On the surface, HBO’s Insecure is about black women’s journeys of struggling — and sometimes succeeding — with life and love in Los Angeles. It’s loosely based on the experiences of the show’s creator and star, Issa Rae, but it’s a literal mirror in some ways, too. As it turns out, Issa Rae’s inspiration for Insecure stemmed from her actual insecurities growing up, the star told Katie Couric on the new Getting Theredigital series, recently launched by Katie Couric Media and theSkimm.

As seen in the exclusive clip below, Rae recently sat down with Couric to discuss how her hit HBO show — which is currently in the middle of its third season —  came to be. Couric started by diving into Rae’s childhood, and asked how her transient, ever-moving family life affected or shaped her identity.