What do you do if your child is being bullied?

13 million kids are bullied every year, and today I’m speaking to two of them whose stories have captured national attention over the past few days: Whitney Kropp, the 16-year-old Michigan teen who was nominated to her homecoming court only to learn it was a cruel hoax, and 16-year-old Katie Uffens, who left her high school after students there started a Kill Katie Klub.

After we taped the show, Katie and Whitney joined me for a Q&A, where another teen girl in the audience thanked them for opening up about their stories and then shared her own experience. The more we talk about bullying, the more apparent it is that it is a problem most children deal with — which means it’s also something we face as parents and as families. October is Bullying Prevention Month, what would you do if your child is being bullied?

— Katie

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