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I can’t wait to tell you what we have planned for this year! Right here in the Let’s Talk section, I’ll be writing regular notes on subjects that matter most to each of us, the same subjects I chat about with my friends all the time.

I want to give you a glimpse into my life, so as we gear up for the September 10th premiere of Katie I’ll be sharing some fun behind-the-scenes photos, exclusive videos and exciting show updates. You’ll see everything from my intense (and sometimes crazy!) workouts to my overly-organized closet to my not-so-secret obsession with Colin Firth. You’ll see who I am when the cameras are off – a working mom embarking on a new journey.

After I write each note I’ll check back to read your comments. I look forward to having a conversation with each of you.

So, now that it’s summer (my favorite season!) and with the big show launch just a few months away, I have been trying to exercise as often as possible. I’m pretty hooked on spinning, love a good Zumba class and can’t wait to take advantage of the warm weather and pick up my tennis racquet again. But do you ever find that exercise can get monotonous? I want to avoid getting into a “rut,” so I’m curious: any ideas on how to keep workouts fun and fresh? Share your thoughts below!

— Katie

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