Share your story or thoughts on men and eating disorders.

Today, we’re talking about an important topic that impacts millions of men and boys in this country. As women, most of us understand what it’s like not to “love the skin we’re in.” We talk about the pressure we feel thanks to the airbrushed and Photoshopped images surrounding us every day, and, guess what? A lot of men feel that way about themselves, too. The idealized male body is just as prevalent in pop culture these days for men and eating disorders have proven a growing concern for both sexes. It’s now known that at least 10% of people who suffer from eating disorders are men — increasingly boys like Jonathan Noyes who developed bulimia at age 10. Jonathan is 14 today, and here to talk about his experience. Brian Cuban (brother of Shark Tank’s Mark) also opens up about his decades long struggle with bulimia and anorexia. Can you relate to my guests today? Are you surprised to hear men talk about body dysmorphia? Share your story or thoughts on men and eating disorders with me here.

— Katie

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