Have you had to care for a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Ever feel like you’re losing your mind after you lose your keys, glasses, parking spot… again. Me too. Today’s show will help you jog your memory with tips and tricks for boosting brain health. And while memory lapses are often a part of aging, sometimes they’re a sign of something more serious — like Alzheimer’s. Did you know that someone in America develops Alzheimer’s every 68 seconds? Victor Garber sits down with me today to talk about losing both of his parents to the disease. And gauging from the overwhelming response I got after tweeting about this show, he is not alone. Have you had to take care of a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia? If a family member had it, would you get tested for the Alzheimer’s gene? Share your thoughts with me below and watch here!

— Katie

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