Do you have a “snowflake baby” story?

Here’s a statistic that might not surprise you: one in ten women under age 44 has fertility problems. An increasing number are turning to in vitro fertilization to get pregnant – in fact, the world has seen 5 million IVF babies! But IVF often results in more embryos that can be used (currently there are more than 600,000 in storage) and today, we’re talking about what happens to them. The most common options have been: keep them frozen, donate them for scientific research or destroy them. But a growing number of people are choosing a different path and giving them to another couple hoping for a baby. These children are called “snowflake babies” – have you heard the phrase? Do you have a story about “snowflake babies” or frozen embryo adoption? Do you have frozen embryos and aren’t sure what do with them? Share your story with me below and watch here!

— Katie

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