What I Am Thankful For

Today’s Katie’s Crew Blogger

After hearing the stories of gratitude on today’s “Katie,” Monica Marino shares why she’s giving thanks for the blessings in her life- big and small.

Seeing the resilience and strength of the guests on Katie today was extremely moving.  Hearing Lauren Scruggs express her depth of gratitude for being alive, and Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s excitement over their new bundle of joy, made me reflect on my own gratitude this Thanksgiving.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, I am deeply breathing in gratitude this Thanksgiving. It is heartbreaking to see so much profound devastation in such close proximity. We wish we could erase history. We wish we could do more. In a way, Sandy and all her fury injected gratitude deep within our veins. The resources that I use on a daily basis are now at the forefront of my conscious. The water I cook with, the warm bath I dunk my children in, the heat that penetrates my walls as the cold creeps in, the way that I can electronically connect to the special people in my life and the fact that my family has a roof over our heads are things that I will never take for granted.

As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I hear the simple mantra “people, not things” ringing in my ears. I see the absurdity in my day-to-day concerns, and I recognize that every ounce of my existence is a gift. I’m giving extraordinary thanks for the people in my life – my husband who holds my heart with gentle hands and the two beautiful children who graced my imperfect arms. I’m thankful for the soul filling joy that they bring to my life, the trust that I see when I look into their eyes, and the healing powers in their kisses. I’m holding on to the peace that I see in their faces when they sleep and their excitement as they run to greet their father when he comes home from work.

I’m thankful for the extraordinarily ordinary and lovely imperfection in my life – the laughter in the golden days and learning in the chaos.  I’m grateful that motherhood is teaching me the most profound lessons in love, and I’m thankful for the extended family and friends who show me acts of grace every single day.

I am counting my blessings.  I am naming them one by one, and I am striving to live in this level of everyday gratitude as the calendar months pass by.

What are you thankful for?