WARNING! A Must-Read Before Going to a Tanning Salon

We all know that tanning salons can be very bad for our skin and health, but Executive Editor of Women’s Health Amy Keller Laird shares some other hidden secrets that these salons don’t want you to know.

FACT: Tanning Beds are Dangerous

Tanning beds can be damaging to ones skin and health and in extreme cases, can kill you.


FACT: Tanning Beds are Full of Bacteria

Tanning beds can be sweaty cesspools. Many of the beds are full of bacteria and viruses. Substances reported to be found: sweat, pee and semen. Some employees even use the same cleaning rags for every customer.


BONUS! Before you Get a Massage

FACT: Just because a massage therapist is licensed doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a fantastic massage. Licensing is based more on theory than on hands on technique.

TIP: Do your homework!

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Have you had a bad experience at a tanning salon?