“Skimm”ing This Year’s Headlines

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Every day, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg highlight the headlines on their online newsletter, The Skimm. As 2012 comes to a close, here is their breakdown of the most newsworthy moments from this year.

2012 was a big year. Thankfully, the world didn’t end (Try again Mayans!). We learned that Cory and Topanga had a daughter, Lance lost his spandex on a Tour de Shame, and everyone went Linsane for a bit. Mitt Romney had to cancel the movers, we debated whether kids with bows and arrows or vampires were more entertaining, Europe struggled with its finances, and the Mideast continued its struggles with peace.

All in all, a lot went down. Here’s what you need to Skimm from 2012:

The Olympics

…as in, they happened in London this past summer. Usain Bolt proved that he is still faster than all of us and Michael Phelps showed that there might be something to his hyperbaric chamber. We all met and fell in love with our flying squirrel Gabby Douglas and learned how to give an unimpressed smirk from McKayla Maroney.

Penn State

…as in, there was some sense of closure to the sex scandal that rocked the Penn State community and the nation. Former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 60 years in prison for sexual crimes against children.


…as in, the social media craze that made everyone a professional photographer. We followed the lead of hipsters everywhere and found a way to make ourselves look more photogenic with the help of sepia and other friendly filters. Even the president got in on it! #Instaaddict

Katie & Tom

…as in, TomKat is no more. Kate pulled a fast one on Maverick, saying goodbye to Kate Cruise, moving, and divorcing Tom. It reminded us all of why we fell in love with Joey Potter.


…as in, the general who resigned as director of the CIA after getting too close to his biographer. Way too close.


…as in, the dog who will soon have to share the affections of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The months and months of tabloids examining Kate’s every drink order and possible weight gain finally amounted to something. The Royal couple-Wills and Kate-announced they are expecting a Royal baby. Unfortunately, Kate is having a tough time with extreme morning sickness, even being hospitalized for it. Here’s to a healthy mini-crumpet in 2013.


…as in, that wench of a hurricane. The late October superstorm and its aftermath killed more than 100 people after it slammed parts of the East Coast. Sandy destroyed whole communities in New York and New Jersey, left thousands homeless, took down mass transit, and caused widespread power outages that lasted for weeks. It was definitely not a Halloween treat.

Whitney Houston

…as in, the star we lost too soon. The icon, the diva, the light of our favorite 90′s tunes, passed away on February 11, 2012 after accidentally drowning in a hotel bathtub. Whitney was serenaded to rest in an all-star funeral service. We have been doing our best Whitney karaoke impression ever since. It’s not the same.

Big Bird, Binders, & Bayonets

…as in, the most talked about moments from the presidential debates. Mitt Romney caused a stir by calling for an end to federal subsidies for PBS, Big Bird’s natural habitat. He also created a new office supply, “binders full of women” to show how much he enjoyed hiring the ladies. Obama got in the jab match by referencing “horses and bayonets” to explain to Romney that our military is modern. It might not have been good for the candidates, but it was perfect material for Twitter and late-night comedians.

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What do you think were the biggest moments from 2012?