Send Me Your Wedding Suggestions & Advice!

Shh… I have a little secret to share. I have nothing planned for my wedding! Does that make me a bad bride? Ha!

After answering the “how did he pop the question” question, I’ve been fielding queries that are a little more difficult for me to answer. Mostly because I don’t have the answers! People keep asking me about my wedding plans (Dress! Cake! When! Where!) and well, the answer to all is… I’m not too sure!

It’s the second time around for me so am picturing something tasteful — sorry, no Cinderella gown! But beyond that, I don’t have any good ideas. The question has come up a couple times in the audience Q&A and then in today’s Ask Katie Anything so want there to be a place on the site for you to share advice or suggestions. I’ll happily take ‘em!

PS – thank you all for the engagement (and now wedding!) well wishes. They mean a lot. And thanks in advance for any advice you can bestow upon this wannabe bridezilla!

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