Katie’s Oscars Live Blog

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It’s Hollywood’s big night and Katie’s spending it with you – in her PJs, with a bowl of popcorn and on Twitter! Keep up with Katie, the stars, who’s winning what and who’s wearing what on Twitter or here on her Oscars Live Blog!

I’m live Tweeting the Oscars tonight and hope that you’ll join me! If not on Twitter, here on our live blog!

Who’s up for some Oscars trivia?

Everyone wants a piece of George…

My mother is the breakout star of tonight’s Oscars live Tweeting!!

Kristin clearly didn’t get the memo…

Red couch ready!! What I’m wearing for tonight’s #Oscars live tweeting!!! Who’s with me?


Tune In To Katie!

What are your plans for Oscar night? Who (& what!) do you want to win? Share below!