My Mom’s Weird (But Delicious!) Lime Jello Dish

For the holidays, my mom always makes this pear salad, lime jello dish. It’s pears with a scoop of cream cheese and chopped pecans: you turn them over and then cover them with lime jello. I like to call it, “Eleanor Couric’s Weird Yet Delicious Lime Jello Dish.”

1 package (3 oz) lime jello

1 T white vinegar

1 can (15oz) Bartlett pear halves OR 3-4 fresh pears, peeled cut & cored

1 package (8 oz) Philadelphia cream cheese (softened)

1 cup chopped pecans

Cook up the lime jello following the directions on the box and add 1 T white vinegar.

If using canned pears, drain them or if using fresh pears, wash, peel, cut into halves and core.

Mix cream cheese and chopped pecans and scoop heaping teaspoon into pit of each pear. Place the filled pear halves face down in an 11×7 dish so the cream cheese is on the bottom. Cover the pears with the prepared lime jello. Refrigerate until set and then you’re ready to serve!

Cut into squares, serve over iceberg lettuce and eat up!


What's your family's favorite holiday recipe? Share with me below! And if you make this take some pics and Tweet em to me @KatieCouric!!