Meet Katie’s New Studio Band: Katie and the Currents!


Katie is a huge music lover, so for the first time ever she has her own studio band! After getting your suggestions for a band name on Twitter and Facebook, Katie’s going with “Katie and the Currents!”

Through a partnership with Fieldhouse, a division of BMG, Katie is giving emerging artists a chance to be recognized. Jared Mahone, lead singer, is the first in a series of new talent to be featured on the show. Click here to learn more about Jared and hear more of his music. 

The rest of the band includes band leader and drummer Ryan Vaughn, guitarist Jerry Fuentes, guitarist Oscar Bautista, Julia Adamy on the bass, Jason Wexler on the keyboard and Matt Holey singing background vocals and percussion.

Watch Jared Mahone and Katie and The Currents perform “California,” an original song by Jared Mahone.

Click here to learn more about Fieldhouse music and discover other emerging artists.


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