How Comedian Kym Whitley Suddenly Became a Mommy

Fear Never Felt So Good

Kym Whitley reflects on the giant leap of faith that led her to become an instant mom.

The “Mommy” chapter of my life began in January of 2011.

Shortly after the New Year rolled in, my mother, father and I (they were visiting for the holidays from Cleveland) were kicking it and enjoying the holidays when my phone rang and a woman asked, “Are you Kym Whitley?”

“Yes,” I responded.

“This is the hospital and we have a baby here for you.”

I almost dropped the phone.

“Did you say baby — as in a small thing that makes noise? Well, I didn’t order a baby.”

The lady at the other end chuckled and began to explain how a young woman that I had mentored told them that she wanted me to have her newborn son. I politely asked for a week or so to think about it. The woman responded, “You have an hour and a half.”

I hung up the phone somewhat dazed, feeling like a character in Scrooge. Had the ghost of Christmas Future just called my phone and given me the gift of BEING a mommy?

As thoughts raced through my head, I ran to my mom and dad to tell them what had just happened. They asked, “A real baby?!!”

Then, my mom said, “You’ve always wanted a child.”

I just hadn’t stopped working long enough or found the right man and gotten married— or even realized the years had gone by so quickly. Whatever the case, the phone call made my life flash before me…a cold sweat came over me. Could it be? Would I actually have to turn in my party card?!

My parents encouraged me to take the leap of faith and become a mommy. And….oh my God! Can I say it one more time? Oh my God! What a life changing decision that was.

I called my closest friends and we all awaited the arrival of a little boy. The social workers showed up two hours later with a tiny bundle of joy. He was so small, I was almost afraid to hold him at first. My mom, being the ultimate caregiver, dove right in to her grand-parenting role. She and my dad were overjoyed. This little soul named Joshua had found his way to me and my family! My heart still gets full and I tear up when I tell this story — mostly because I believe.

I believe that Joshua was supposed to be my son. I believe that my mom and dad were meant to be here in L.A. when he arrived. I believe that if we’re open to life’s blessings, sometimes they arrive in a miraculous way.

To make matters better, my mom and dad stayed a few extra months. They wanted to be sure that I had the support I needed as a new mom. And, I’m so glad they did! Watching them bond with their new grandchild was amazing. At the time, I had no way of knowing that my mom wasn’t going to be with us for long. She transitioned six months later… unexpectedly. No words can properly describe how heartbroken I was. I don’t think any of us are ever ready to let go of a parent….

Now, as I look back, I do have precious memories to hold on to. I keep in my heart those wonderful first months — me, mom, dad and baby Joshua — the greatest little blessing of all.


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