Katie’s Classified Week

During “Katie’s Classified Week,” Katie helped three out-of-work viewers with tips to help them in their job search. Follow their progress from start to finish below, and get tips on how to make your own résumé stand out, how to dress for an interview and more!

Day One

Nicole, Sara and Madeline explain the frustration they’ve encountered with looking for jobs, and career expert Nicole Williams shares tips on how they could refine their search.

Think you should include words like “creative” and “organized” on your résumé? Nicole Williams explains why you should avoid those buzz words when she shares the top rules of résumé writing.

Did you know it takes only 2.2 seconds for a potential employer to judge your appearance? Style expert Daisy Lewellyn explains the dos and don’ts of dressing to impress … and surprises the women with head-to-toe makeovers. (See the results below!)

Day Two

The women reveal their new looks that will give them confidence as they head to their next interview.

Day Three

Nicole, Sara and Madeline are in for a surprise as Katie sends them to practice their interviewing skills … with Star Jones!

Star Jones shares her six simple steps that will help you leave that interview and say, “Nailed it!”

Day Four

Knowing how to negotiate a job offer could mean thousands of dollars more a year. Harvard Business School professor Deepak Malhotra shares his secret formula for success.

Day Five

Katie’s Classified Week comes to a close as the three women find out whether or not they’re going to hear those two magic words: “You’re hired!”

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