My Reaction to John Edward’s Reading

A funny thing happened after we taped the show with John Edward and Char Margolis, who came on to talk about their work as psychic mediums…

There was a group from WPVI Philadelphia in the audience who had won a contest to come to the show and I wanted to spend some time with them after. We were all talking on set after we taped the show and I met a woman named Mary who was sitting directly behind Donna, the woman who was read by John Edward on air. Mary told me, “Katie, I think John Edward was talking about me.” I asked why and she said, “Well, today is my brother’s birthday. His initials are JG, he died of a brain tumor but he also had melanoma – his cancer started with melanoma on his leg. And yesterday, I filled all four of my car’s tires with air.”

What John Edward read in the audience where Mary was sitting was the following: he was feeling a father figure coming through who had the initials J and G. The J and G were connected with the family, either living or past. John read that this person had a brain tumor or an aneurism and that he was paralyzed on one side or missing a leg. On top of all of that, John mentioned something about getting tires checked, that he knew someone was very concerned with doing that recently. Donna’s connection to John’s reading was spotty, but Mary was able to relate to all of these details.

Coincidence? Was he reading messages from that general area and perhaps zeroed in on the wrong woman? I don’t know! Was it just a coincidence or something more? You be the judge, share your thoughts with me below.

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