Jane Fonda’s 7 Tips For Staying Young

From eating colorful food to fighting osteoporosis, the ever-young Jane Fonda reveals the health secrets that have kept her youthful over the years. Plus, she talks about her latest Fitness DVD AM/PM Yoga.

1. Stay Strong

You have to stay strong for your joints, for your heart and muscles and for your brain. It makes a huge difference to cognitive ability if you stay physically active. That’s why I decided to do these videos and I found that what was missing was yoga. I’ve been doing it since the mid-90s.

2. Keep it Colorful

I eat by color. I try to eat several portions of fruit every day and I try to eat enough protein and fresh vegetables. As we’re talking I’m eating two poached eggs, turkey bacon and a bowl of blueberries…

3. Beware of Sweets

I’m pretty careful. I stay away from sweets, fat and butter.

4. Skip the Fast Food

I stay away from fast food, for the most part.

5. Exercise Your Brain

I’m always learning and reading. I’m always discovering new things and then wanting to pass them on. I think that keeps you young.

6. Stay Active

I can’t do what I used to do and a lot of people say that if they can’t do what they used to do then they won’t do anything. If you can’t run, then you walk and if you can’t downhill ski, then cross-country ski. There’s always something that you can do even if it’s practicing getting up and down out of a couch or a chair.

7. Remain Independent

It’s critical to try and do all that you can to remain independent, so that you can get out by yourself or get down on the floor and play with your grandchildren. I have osteoarthritis; it’s genetic. It didn’t come from my early days of exercise. I’ve been open about it because I think that a lot of people suffer from osteoarthritis and they can say, “Well my gosh, Jane Fonda is doing that and she has osteoarthritis, so why can’t I?”

What are your tips for staying young?