Help Child Rescue Combat Child Slavery

The Child Rescue Association of North America is a non-profit organization in Canada and the United States that exists to rescue children from the horrors of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the practice of buying and selling human beings. It is currently the second largest criminal industry in the world, netting over $43 billion each year (Bales, 1999). The most horrific form of trafficking is child sexual slavery. Every day, children are bought and sold for sex; and not just in developing countries. The exact numbers of victims has been debated but recent research indicated that each year in America over 100,000 children are exploited in our own cities and neighborhoods; at strip clubs, on web sites and in homes (Smith, Vardaman & Snow, 2009). Prostitution is perhaps the most common form of sex trafficking in our country, and while many view it as a victimless crime, the sad truth is that a large number of the prostitutes are merely children; the average age of entrance into prostitution being only 13 years old (Smith, Vardaman & Snow, 2009).

This has to end.

Child Rescue has started a drastic plan of action creating large scale concerts, public events and media productions in order to generate enough public outrage to effect permanent societal change in our two countries.

Child Rescue’s empowering events provide promotion and funding for front-line task forces. These are Non Governmental Organizations’s and law enforcement agencies that are fighting this war for our children’s safety from predators.

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