Goldie Hawn’s 4 Tips to De-Stress

Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn has learned a thing or two about stress while juggling her career, kids and fame! Here are her tips to de-stress from her best-selling book “10 Mindful Minutes.”

It’s good to make the intention to find some time in your frenzied day to sit quietly with your children and talk. Talk about the fun times you’ve shared, such as walking on the beach, taking a family vacation, or celebrating a birthday. You will be amazed at what you will collectively recall of the wonderful moments and at how you can relive them again by just “sitting and talking on the stoop”, as I like to call it. Just talking about the events actually brings back those feelings of happiness as if they were happening at that very moment.

Sit down with your children and get some crayons or colored pencils and draw pictures of their happy memories. Create a Happy Wall on which to hang the pictures. Choose somewhere that you walk by every day.

Gather together some magazines, scissors, paper, and glue. Create a collage illustrating some of your happiest family experiences, or just paste together random pictures of people having fun together. Add these to your Happy Wall. It’s all yours; be creative and have fun with it.

Compile a list of things that make you and your children happy. Start each sentence with “I am happy when I…” It can be something as simple as eating peanut butter sandwiches or playing in the sprinkler snuggling up for a bedtime story, or watching a puppy at the pet store. Put your list up on your Happy Wall.

Take turns telling stories of something you’ve done that you feel proud of. Maybe it was a task completed, a test passed, or a cake baked. Ask your children when they felt most proud. Celebrate that success again and share in the glory of the moment.

Get an empty box and wander around your home and backyard with your children. Gather together some small items that make each of you feel good or that capture happy memories. They might be shells or photographs, stickers or heart-shaped rocks. Put the things in the Happiness Box and put it in a special place. Remind them that when they need cheering up, they can always open their box and be reminded of happier moments.


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