Five Reasons Is a Trendsetter

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Is it his music? Maybe it’s his style? Fashion and beauty blogger Christina Brown shares why she thinks is a trendsetter.

There aren’t many musicians who have the talent and appeal to crossover seamlessly between the worlds of music and fashion. Many have tried, and many have failed. Here are my reasons why is here to stay.

1. He’s Not Afraid to be Different

I once interviewed an edgy eyewear designer who told me that one of his proudest moments was seeing a pair of his glasses on stage at a Black Eyed Peas concert, lovingly adorned by frontman The glasses, gold and intricate, were some of the boldest and edgiest spectacles I had ever seen, and wore them with ease! Trendsetters aren’t afraid to switch it up, or to adorn items that others might not be comfortable enough to flaunt. Even though there were no other glasses like his on the market, wore them loud and proud.

2. Let’s Call it Futuristic Rocker Prep

The mark of a true trendsetter is someone whose style is iconic and readily recognizable. I can walk into a store and spot immediately the type of items would be drawn to because his clothes always reflect his creativity. Even though he’s not afraid to be different and switch it up from time to time, he also has a signature style that is unmistakable.

3. He Makes “Costume” Look Cool

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street wearing the most outlandish outfit? And you can’t stop staring because somehow this specimen has found a way to take something dramatically crazy and make it look cool? has this ability. It takes an incredible level of confidence to adorn something costume-like in nature and make it look cool and wearable. As much as we all love Lady Gaga, most of us wouldn’t be caught dead in some of her red carpet creations. With, he pulls off difficult looks with an ease that is uncanny.

4. He Always Stands Out, Even Next to Fergie

Let’s be honest, Fergie is pretty awesome. Aside from her gorgeous looks, she’s equally as stylish and fashion-forward as her male Black Eyed Peas counterparts. Still, amidst the beauty that is Fergie, finds a way to stand out and make a bold statement. His mixing of prints, eye-catching accessories and commanding presence steal the spotlight regularly.

5. He Makes Giving cool is obviously a leader in fashion and music, but it’s his philanthropic side that really separates him from the crowd. His latest fashion endeavor is an amazing recycling partnership with Coca-Cola called Ekocycle. The products (t-shirts, jeans, headphones, etc) are all made from partially recycled materials with a portion of the profits going to charity. Nothing screams trendsetter more than giving back!

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