Finding Hope After Losing a Friend

A letter to Katie

When the Dresch family’s home started to flood during Hurricane Sandy, 13-year-old Angela and her parents, Patricia and George, were faced with the decision of whether to evacuate their Staten Island home or stay. Last year, when Hurricane Irene hit, the Dresch family did evacuate and their home was looted while they were gone. With that in mind, the Dresch family decided to stay, and tragically, Angela and her father George passed away. Patricia is currently recovering in the hospital. Angela’s best friend, 13-year-old Tiffani Amber Cropley, wrote the following letter to Katie.

Dear Katie,

These are memories of my best friend, Angela and I. We had an amazing friendship with much laughter and good times. Angela has an untold story that I want to tell. I want to tell you something that you could really feel emotional to. The second day after my beautiful best friend gained wings I woke up and tried talking to God. I said to him, “God give me a sign let me know Angela is here and she’s okay.” About 2 seconds later a Blue Jay flew to my window. Angela had two favorite colors, blue & purple. It went onto my windowsill and stared at me. It was beautiful, and from that moment I felt her there with me. I couldn’t help but smile rather than cry. I knew it was her!

We are HUGE Directioners (One Direction fans) and I am trying my very best to make Harry Styles tweet to her. I made a promise to Angela and I won’t stop till it happens.
I hope you enjoy the picture of her & I. Behind each picture lies an untold story.

#AngelAngela was a trend I started on Twitter. It has been passed on so many times I am so happy! Angela and I have an amazing friendship that will last till that day I am reunited with her. Best friends always and forever. I have a new angel with me every step of the way and I feel more safe than ever.

Tiffani Amber Cropley, age 13

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