Dr. Eben Alexander Answers Your Questions!

From the Author of “Proof of Heaven”

Do you believe in heaven? Despite 25 years of his career telling him differently, Dr. Eben Alexander claims heaven does exist. Not only that… he’s been there! You asked and he answered.

1. Paula McCoy Brown: Do you feel science in conflict with faith now?
Absolutely not. I am more of a scientist now than ever and feel my faith is to a point of knowing beyond faith and I see that we need to broaden the boundaries of science to fully embrace the unfathomable mystery of our consciousness, soul or spirit.

2. Dan OrgerDonk: How does he know it was not a dream, and why would he be the first to discover such a truth?
I know it was not a dream or hallucination because I know that most of it occurred between days 1 and 5 of my coma when my meningitis was ravaging my neocortex, completely disabling any type of extensive experience within my neocortex, which is where dreams or hallucinations would occur. In fact, millions of others have discovered this same truth: my case is simply the exception that proves the rule based on having a severe bacterial meningitis, a perfect model for human death that should have eliminated all experience, and knowing enough of the neuroscience to refute my doctors who simply said that “the dying brain can do anything.” Well, a brain besieged by severe meningo-encephalitis can’t do that!

3. Marsha Yeager Clapham: Do people look old or young or the same age as when they died?
People look their ideal “light body,” children can even look like young adults. The elderly look like their younger selves with any physical infirmities repaired.

4. Suzette Crozer Hay: Why do you think you didn’t see your biological father there?
It took me almost a year to realize, but in retrospect, if I had seen my adopted father there as opposed to my biological sister, I would have dismissed the entire journey as a bizarre trick of the dying brain because that is who I wanted to see more than anyone. He was not there — for a purpose.

5. Lisa Bodenberg Wypa: My 6 year old son died suddenly in June of this year…. Did you see children in Heaven? Did they look happy? I miss my precious baby more than anything & this answer will help me find comfort.
Yes, I saw lots of children and even pets playing and jumping, filled with mirth and happiness everywhere. It is a realm of pure joy and bliss.

6. Claudette de Silguy Vanstone: Were you sorry you came back? If not… why? If something was so amazingly interesting – why not want more of that?
No, I was not sorry to come back. I realize from my journey that we are here for a purpose and that our souls, even knowing the beauty of that realm, are most interested in coming into the physical realm to fulfill their missions here, which have to do with manifesting that unconditional, infinite love of the creator for the creation in this imperfect realm with all of its seeming injustices. Reincarnation is an absolute must in my understanding although our soul’s journeys through multiple lives are still moving towards the same goal of being One in bliss with the Divine.

7. Kathy Maloney- Urich: As a Neurosurgeon, if a person is on life support with no brain activity, not breathing on their own, do you believe they are already in heaven?
Yes, the spirit often has left the body before bodily death. In all of my talks with doctors, nurses and families, I urge them to say and act knowing that the spirit of the beloved is potentially aware and present, no matter what the state of the body. They may still be in transit to heaven at that point, but their spirit/soul is freed up, and well.

8. Susan Lee Hamilton: Could you feel yourself on your journey there? I believe my husband knew heaven was calling him and he fought it until Jesus took his hand.
I had no body awareness; my meningitis had temporarily eradicated my memories of my life and identity on earth but I was fully aware of every aspect of my journey there and back.

9. Mary Fishburn: Did you see any of your deceased pets or any dogs and cats?
I saw plenty of pets’ souls who have passed over, mainly playing with adults and children in the gateway realm. I did not see any of my own pets (nor my father, whom I would have wanted to see – note that my NDE was unique in having the temporary amnesia from my earthly identity).

10. Barbara McMahon Rodgers: Is Dr. Alexander considering writing a 2nd book in which he goes into greater detail about his experience on the other side and what he learned while over there?
Yes! The original manuscript was more than three times as long as the current book because I was writing it all to understand for myself. Some of what was considered too advanced for this book, written for the general reader, will be included in the second book, along with a tremendous amount of additional material, much of it gained through ongoing meditation and introspection on a daily basis.

Do you believe in heaven?