De-Cluttering Tips from Expert Organizer Jeffrey Phillip

Our de-clutter show expert shares valuable take-home tips for organizing all areas of your home!


ConvenientStackingDon’t be afraid to take items outside of the room they were made for. Shelf risers are one of my go-to products that I use everywhere from the kitchen, to the closet, to the office. This handy item allows for more accessible stacking and eliminates the need to pull every item out to get to what’s on the bottom. I frequently use these in clothing closets to split piles of sweaters, jeans and other clothing items. In Katie’s office, I used one for more convenient storage of her electronics and paper supplies.


Being organized is about living and sustaining a more simple and efficient life. Getting organized, however, doesn’t necessarily mean every item in a home should be labeled and categorized down to the finest detail. Take photos, for example. A good first step is to collect loose photos and put them into a few acid-free storage containers like the ones mentioned on the show from The Container Store. Macro-organize the containers by a broad theme (e.g. Friends, Family, Special Occasions). Thinking bigger will make the task less overwhelming and save time.

Getting to this point is great, and it is okay to stop the organizing there. If, at a later date, you want to organize the items on a micro-level, the process will be much easier – and faster! – because you started the bigger process earlier. Breaking up organizing steps like this makes projects much more manageable and prevents them from being too intimidating to start. This same process can be applied to organizing papers, collectibles, tools and more!


FileFoldedShirtsT-shirt drawers can easily become a disaster when looking for a specific shirt. To prevent the drawer from becoming a jumbled mess, try file folding t-shirts, or other folded items, and use dividers to create separate rows (e.g. prints and solids) in order to keep the drawer neat and the shirts easily identifiable.


Stop the spread of paper clutter by consolidating notes into one notebook. Doing so will eliminate the use of random scraps of paper and the piling up of notebooks and pads. By keeping thoughts and ideas in one spot, notes won’t get lost, excess clutter won’t build-up and everything will be logged in chronological order, which helps make notes easier to find and reference when they’re needed.


LazySusan_LabelsLazy Susans aren’t just for corner cabinets. Add one to the refrigerator for storing condiments and smaller items. They are great for keeping the refrigerator organized, seeing everything you have in stock, making items more accessible and staying on top of expiration dates.

What areas of your life or home do you need to de-clutter?