Daisy Lewellyn’s Fashion Industry Secrets

Fashion expert and author of “Never Pay Retail Again” Daisy Lewellyn shares her secrets about the fashion industry that could save you money!

Fashion Industry Shopping Tips

1. Shop the second week of the month because it’s a great time to score some deals! That’s when stores are typically turning over their products and putting the items on sale.

2. When you buy something, keep your receipt. Check back within the next 14 days, and see if the items is on sale. If the price has lowered, the store will usually give you the difference! Check the store’s exact policy by looking at the receipt.

3. Shop in the boys/men’s department for graphic tees. They will be just as fashionable for a much lower cost.

4. A great bag doesn’t have to be expensive! Choose a bag in a classic shape or in a bright color – it will always be fashionable and look expensive! Stay away from any hardware and extra frills!

5. Fake it! Fake leather can be found in all different styles and textures, and is so well made you can’t tell the difference.

6. When buying pants, stay away from trends. A great classic shape will last you years, while a pattern pant may be out of style next month!

7. For a bit of bling, add a sparkly brooch! You can find expensive brooches at secondhand shops or costume jewelry stores. It’s all you need to update a plain black tee to something completely fabulous.

8. Switch out buttons! By changing the buttons on a blazer or sweater, it will update the piece and make it look high end.

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