Countdown to Music Icon Celine Dion

Katie’s exclusive interview with Celine Dion: the music icon invited Katie into her recording studio for a candid conversation about her family, her husband’s cancer diagnosis, and shares her brand new music. Don’t miss these exclusive moments as we count down to the show! Check back daily for new updates and be sure to tune in this Thursday!

Celine Dion’s Openness About Struggle to Have Kids

Celine Dion has been very open about her struggle to conceive children. She explains why it was so important to her to be about open about her challenges starting a family.

Celine Dion: Show Business is Like a “Drug”

The music icon says that while performance is wonderful, it is like a drug. That’s why she says it’s more important than ever to surround herself with the right people, and for her, those people are her family.

Sneak Peek: Celine Dion’s New Album!

Celine Dion fans have a reason to celebrate: the music icon’s first English language album in six years! Is she nervous about releasing new songs? Katie joins Celine in the recording studio to talk about the new music, some very special duets, and much more!

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