Carson Kressley Answers Your Oscar Party Questions!

Your Oscars Party Problems Solved!

Don’t plan (or attend!) an Oscars party this Sunday without Carson Kressley’s red carpet worthy advice!

Because the pre-show on the red carpet starts early and the Oscars aren’t exactly known for ending on time, our Facebook friend Daniel asks: When should the party end? When should it begin?

Carson: The party should begin when guests arrive! Have snacks and cold drinks ready when the first guest enters through the door. I like to have the party start with the red carpet arrivals, which is a great hour or so to have cocktails and some of the heavier food. Then when the awards show starts, a popcorn or gourmet candy station can handle your guests’ craving for snacks during those nailing-biting, “the envelope, please” moments. Toward the tail end of the night is a great time to offer coffee and dessert!

On Twitter, Ron asks how one can be fashionably late to a friend’s Oscars party? What’s the best way to make a late entrance?

Carson: Well first of all: be well-dressed! Arrive looking great and with a bottle of cheer (or other hostess gift) and no one will care if you are a little late. Oscars night is a bit like the Superbowl Sunday so people have lots of places to be, so arriving late shouldn’t be a big deal!

Mary Ellen is having an all-ages party & wants to know: Any ideas for easy but fun non-alcoholic drinks?

Carson: Yes, all parties should always have a non-alcohol option. Why not make mocktails that look as fun and festive! Sparkling cider and blood orange juice “Mockmosas” are fun. Garnish with a starfruit slice and you’ve got glamour! “Designer” sodas are fun too. I like vintage-looking ones like Boylan brand. They make old-fashioned sodas like Black Cherry, Root Beer and Sugar Cane cola. Plus, their packaging looks great on a bar cart!

On Facebook, Gail asks: I’m going to a red carpet Oscar home party. Should I wear a short red dress or a long navy blue velvet dress? I love both! Carson, how “red carpet” should one dress for a friend’s Oscar party?

Carson: I love the idea of dressing up. When I host an Oscars party I ask my guests to be “Red Carpet Ready”! It’s a great way to have the guys dress up in a tux or dark suit and for the gals to get one more wear out of that sparkly New Year’s Eve number! I think you should also be comfortable too, so you should wear the dress that you think you will be able to lounge around in for several hours. I think the short one may be easier to wear at a party… or you could always bring both and do a dramatic costume change mid show! (It works for JLo!)

Lee Tweets about Oscars party goody bags. What do you recommend giving your guests to go?

Carson: I like to give a goody bag upon arrival with a black and white disposable camera so that guest can capture Old Hollywood-looking memories all night long! If you want to give guests something on the way out make sure it is festive and useful – no one needs more stuff for their junk drawers! That’s why I also like to give food. Maybe a box of Oscar-shaped sugar cookies? Gourmet Rice Krispy treats with edible gold stars mixed in? Everyone loves the gift of food!

Do you have an Oscars party planning dilemma? Leave your questions and tips below!