3 Tips to Combat Stress & Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep is essential for reducing stress and promoting optimum mental and physical resilience. Try these three tips from Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation, an organization that uses transcendental meditation to reduce stress, for one week and see if you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

1. Take a warm shower or bath before bed

Warm water is a great pacifier. Try a 10-minute warm bath or shower before bed to see if this doesn’t help ease you into sleep state more quickly.

2. Stop using your computer, iPad, video games at least one hour before bed

Too much stimulation from electronic instruments can be agitating to the mind and aggravating to the nervous system. Shut everything down one hour before bed to transition to sleep more smoothly.

3. Learn to meditate

Research shows meditation properly practiced reduces stress, strengthens your immune system, and boosts the happiness chemicals and neurotransmitters in your brain. It also dramatically reduces insomnia.

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