10 Brit-Approved Bags

Put it in the bag

These days, it’s important to find one bag that can fit your tech gear as well as the other stuff you need to cart around…which, if you’re like me, is probably a lot!

I’m all about finding ways to combine being a total tech geek with my inner fashionista. So, with the back-to-school craze in full swing, I’ve been thinking non-stop about one thing: bags.

The following are my picks for the most tech-friendly, stylish and multi-functional bags for both kids and adults.

Everything Fits

($60): This bag really does fit everything. With a compartment for a yoga mat, a vented section for your smelly stuff, a water bottle pocket, and slots for your electronics, you’ll be ready to go, no matter what your plans are.

Voltaic 1015 Switch Solar Bags

($129-$189): This bag is a charging port and backpack in one! It comes with 11 standard adapters including a car charger socket and USB adaptor. The three solar panels are tough, lightweight, waterproof, and generate up to 4 watts of power.

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack

($75): This is definitely on the “modern girl scout” side of things, but these bags have been popping up on hipsters, preppies, geeks, and fashionistas everywhere. They come in just about every color under the sun and can fit up to a 15” laptop inside.

Tech on Your Trek Backpack

($50): Looking to carry your tech easily and in high style? This is the fashionista’s go-to tech bag. Not only is it functional (a perfect option for that tablet or ipad), but it’s also adorable!

The Bedford Bag

($99): This bag reached successful funding on the crowdsourced funding site, Kickstarter, and is now available for pre-order to the public. It’s 3 bags in one: tote, messenger, and backpack. Think of all you could store in there!

Roxy Wild Outdoors Backpack

($44): Roxy is still rocking it. As a brand I’ve loved since I was a young girl, it’s great to see them continuing to embrace their sense of style. With mixed patterns (a huge fall trend), and two versitile pockets, this bag is perfect for your laptop and pretty much every other accessory!


($189): This is a little costly, but you guys… it has an iPad case built into the handbag! How awesome is that? Plus, they come in all kinds of styles, sizes and colors. If you don’t snag this for back-to-school, it’s definitely one for the holiday wish list.

Lug Life Mini Puddle Jumper Day Bag

($62): Cords, chargers, earphones…no problem. The extensive amount of storage pockets in varying sizes helps to keep your gadgets super organized and tangle-free.

Botkier Leela Tot

($230): I love this sizzling silver tote for occasions when you need to carry your laptop but still want to look fancy and festive. It’s stylish, unique, and holds up to a 13” laptop inside.

This Is The Futura

($45): And finally,we’re kicking it old school with this traditional backpack for all of you font nerds. Futura happens to be one of the most popular modern font faces, so why not put it on a bag? It also matches my new site design perfectly!

Which of these do you love most? What other bags do you use to organize and carry all of your tech equipment?

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