“ There’s one thing that truly has no flip side. No paradox. And that’s discovering a life of purpose and meaning, which is the crucial underpinning of that sometimes-elusive condition known as happiness. ”

- Katie Couric
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I spoke to Chris Chandler, president of Wells Wood Turning & Finishing, the company that makes the wooden eggs for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. The company made headlines when it tweeted at President Trump that the deadline for getting the Easter eggs done in time for the event was fast approaching. Chandler told me that despite the delay, “We got it out on time. They’re now in Washington ready for the children.” He also said that the company produced more gold eggs than in previous years for the Trump White House.

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Longtime host of “Survivor” Jeff Probst told me about the outing of contestant Zeke Smith as transgender during the latest episode and the backlash it has received. Probst said, “At no point did Zeke even consider asking us not to air it. He knew from about an hour after it happened that this was a moment that he could seize and do something with.”

“ My new Earwolf show is all about candid, unscripted conversations - take a listen to a preview on iTunes now! ”

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Deepak Chopra set out on a spiritual journey around 35 years ago in an attempt to give up smoking. Now he leads more than 6 million people in a guided meditation practice and has recently published his 86th book and 25th New York Times bestseller, “You Are the Universe.” Related: Deepak Chopra explains his 86th book, ‘You are the Universe’ Chopra spoke with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric about the book, meditation, how he handles critics and President Trump.

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I was joined by Bo Copley, an out of work coal miner, who got the attention of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail when he pressed her on her policies concerning coal mining jobs. We discussed President Trump’s new executive order that unwinds former President Obama’s policies to curb carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and his thoughts on the future of the coal mining industry as renewable energy and automation are on the rise.