Olympic Edition: Missy Franklin and Carli Lloyd Answer Your Questions!

Swimming and soccer aside, we give Missy & Carli gold medals in Twitter Q&As

They were the golden girls of the summer, so it’s no surprise that Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin (with four gold medals under her proverbial belt) and soccer star Carli Lloyd (with two gold medal winning goals in two Olympic games to her name) are moonlighting as Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year!

They were also the “Women of the Green Room” in the two-part Olympic Edition of our Katie Social Wall! After taking the stage with Katie, Missy and Carli came backstage to answer your Twitter and Facebook questions. Missy opens up about her college plans and tells us, very importantly, which Olympians pee in the pool. Carli sounds off on whether she’s headed to Rio in 2016 or considering a career in coaching!

Missy answers your questions:

Carli answers your questions:

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