The Confidence Gap

Katie explores the crucial role that confidence plays in the ability of women to succeed at work. Hear successful women share their stories of insecurities, missteps and how they carried on. Then, “Brothers Wild” Sean and Timmy O’Neill open up about scaling to new heights and breaking ground for paraplegic climbers. Plus, food writer Mark Bittman reveals easy-to-follow vegetable recipes for every meal!

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Today is the first day of the Fed Up"Challenge! 10 days — no added sugar. Let us know how you're doing, send us your questions, and share your tips for surviving without added sugar. 

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Women make up the majority of college graduates, represent nearly half the labor force, and are the primary breadwinners in 40% of households. But all women, even some of the most powerful in the world, suffer from one thing: a lack of confidence.

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Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, authors of "The Confidence Code," share how you can boost your confidence to get ahead personally and professionally. Plus, how confident is Katie? 

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Sean O'Neill and his brother Timmy have not only climbed some of the largest rock formations in the world, they've broken new ground in paraplegic climbing.

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In 1991, Sean O'Neill suffered an injury that left him paralyzed. Since then, he and his brother Timmy have scaled peaks all across the country. Now they're helping veterans and others with disabilities with their adaptive sports program.  

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Have you ever thought about going vegan? Incorporating more vegetables in your diet? Mark Bittman, author of "Vegan Before Six" and "The VB6 Cookbook," has a way you can do both!

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Check out these healthy and delicious recipes from Mark Bittman's new book "The VB6 Cookbook."

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For Katie's Surprise A Day In May, she is surprising some very deserving volunteers in the audience! 

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