Ben’s Wish List

Ben Pierce, a 9-year-old boy who is losing his eyesight, created a “wish list” of everything he wants to see before he loses his vision completely… and now Katie is helping him check a few things off his list! Then, contemporary opera singer Jessye Norman on her moving and inspiring life story. Plus, easy “anywhere workouts” you can do if you can’t get to the gym!

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It is Katie's "Surprise A Day in May" and today it's happening on the streets of New York! Every day in May, Katie has surprises up her sleeve, and today the lucky recipients are unsuspecting tourists and a few native New Yorkers out on the town.

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While most kids his age are busy playing, Ben Pierce is learning how to navigate the world without his sight. Ben is going blind, and because his family doesn't know how long before his vision is gone, they're determined to make every moment count.

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At 9-years-old, Ben Pierce is slowly losing his vision, and Major Scott Smiley is the Army's first blind active-duty officer. Scott shares his inspiring story and words of advice for Ben.

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From growing up in Augusta, Georgia to singing on some of the biggest stages in the world, opera singer Jessye Norman has had an extraordinary career. She reflects on her favorite moments.

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Jessye Norman has performed all of the world for people like Nelson Mandela and Presidents Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Obama. She has had a full life that she documents in her new memoir, "Stand Up Straight and Sing!"

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Getting to the gym can be a chore and for a lot of us, it's hard to find the time in our busy schedules to make it happen. Check out these easy workouts you can do anywhere.

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Throughout the show, Cameron Hughes, our "Katie" Show Ambassador, has been handing out cupcakes to people on the streets of New York City for Katie's "Surprise A Day in May." Now, he's back at the studio with a surprise for the audience.

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