Modern Love & Angie Everhart

We sit down with The New York Times writer who’s received 50,000 stories on love, loss and relationships to hear his most inspiring tales about “Modern Love.” Then, an exclusive interview with Angie Everhart, and find out which teas you should be drinking for your health.

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Late Sunday morning, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his bathroom, apparently of a heroin overdose, with a needle reportedly still stuck in his arm. How will the actor be remembered and what does his death reveal about heroin abuse in America?

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New York Times columnist Daniel Jones has covered everything from online dating to infidelity to lost love. What has he learned from a decade of covering matters of the heart?

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After 10 years and thousands of letters, "Modern Love" columnist Daniel Jones reveals his top tips everyone needs to know about love.

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From her trademark red hair to her roles on the big screen, Angie Everhart opens up about her road to fame. Plus, she talks exclusively about her battle with thyroid cancer.

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Did you know drinking tea could help you lose weight and live longer? Find out which teas you should be drinking for your health!

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A simple pack of tea can pack a powerful health punch. What type of tea should you be drinking?

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