Sex Trafficking and Sporting Events

Hear what is being done to protect young women from human trafficking centered around major sporting events. Then, catch up with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and get a first look at the hottest news and latest scoop from People magazine.

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Katie breaks down today's top news stories, including some famous names that are resurfacing.

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This weekend, about 400,000 people will descend on the New York City area for the Super Bowl. What you might not know is while big sporting events might bring big bucks for the community, it may also bring big trouble in the form of sex trafficking.

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Away from the bright lights of professional sports is the dark reality that thousands of young women and children like Danielle Douglas are sex trafficked close to the games.

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Whether it's the big game on Sunday or any other day of the week, there are thousands of women and children being sex trafficked and forced into prostitution. Here's how you can spot the warning signs and what you can do about it.

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From a suburban upbringing to a rock band bassist, Pete Wentz opens up life on the road, hosting a new reality show and what it's really like being a rockstar.

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Bassist for the band "Fall Out Boy" and host of "Best Ink" Pete Wentz puts his artistic ability to the test in a game of "What's Tat?"

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Christie Brinkley proves 60 never looked so good, Charlize Theron's and Sean Penn's relationship heats up and Justin Bieber makes news again. Get the latest scoop on celebrity gossip from inside the pages of "People" magazine.

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