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Is it possible to use the power of your mind to heal your body? We’re unlocking the secrets behind the mind-body connection with country legend Naomi Judd, who has overcome a devastating diagnosis. Then, from your skin to your hair, we’re revealing the hottest new products to help your beauty resolutions come true! Plus, it’s Tech Tuesday so we’ve got the best apps that can save you cash.

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It's been 24 years since Naomi Judd received a devastating diagnosis. Now she feels better than ever, and she's revealing the reason why.

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Why is engaging your mind so important? How does meditation protect against stress? Naomi Judd and two experts in the field explain the secrets behind the mind-body connection. 

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Grace Anna Rodgers has a rare form of dwarfism called Conradi–Hünermann. When she was born, doctors wondered if she would even take her first breath. Now she's 3 and see why she's become an Internet sensation.

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A beauty expert reveals which products are the top picks for helping you look and feel your best in 2014. 

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Did you know that technology could help you make some extra cash? Mario Armstrong, a digital lifestyle expert, reveals some apps that can do just that. 

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From managing your finances to saving money on hotels, there are a ton of apps out there to help you save money.

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It's time for the Fast Five and it's "Shameless'" Emmy Rossum's turn to play the game.

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