Kick Your Sugar Habit

Are you addicted to sugar? Meet a family challenged to live without sweets for a week, and learn how to kick your sugar habit. Plus, Rosanne Cash performs live in-studio and a panel of influencers talk about trending topics of the week!

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Sugar is one of the key factors in our ever expanding obesity crisis. At the rate we're going, 95% of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2050. Why does our sugar problem keep getting worse?

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Kathy Dolgin, aka High Voltage, has focused on making girls healthier one school at time for the past 12 years. Her mission has been to educate kids on the importance of diet, exercise and sugar… in moderation.

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Watch one family, who wanted to improve their eating habits, get a visit from fitness guru High Voltage.

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From the freezing cold weather to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's falling poll numbers, Katie's panel breaks down "The Week That Was."

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Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami and charged with DUI and driving without a valid license.  This was followed by a smiling mugshot and getting on top of his SUV after he was released. What does Katie's panel think about Bieb's bizarre behavior.

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Roseanne Cash has racked up 15 albums, 21 top 40 singles, 12 Grammy nominations and one Grammy win. She's country royalty and now she's out with a new album. Roseanne opens up about her career, famous family and new album.

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How will you kick your sugar habit?