Selfless Gifts, Ralph Fiennes, & Lady Antebellum Performs

First, we look at one couple’s heartache after losing their little girl … and how their selfless gift saved the life of another child. It’s a miracle that has bonded two families together forever. Then, Ralph Fiennes and Felicity Jones stop by, and don’t miss Lady Antebellum’s holiday performance!

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After Lynette and Luis Gonzalez lost their four-year-old daughter, they turned their grief into another family's joy.

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In June, Lynette and Luis Gonzalez made the difficult decision to donate their daughter Annie's organs when she died after a long illness. Now, Annie's heart lives on in two-year-old Lindsay.

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Two-time Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes has built a career taking on difficult, complicated, and iconic roles. Now he's stepping into the shoes of Charles Dickens in the new film he directed and stars in, "The Invisible Woman."

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In Ralph Fiennes' new film, "The Invisible Woman," he plays Charles Dickens, who falls for a woman half his age, played by Felicity Jones. Now, both actors are earning some serious buzz for their performance.

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Normally when Katie has big stars in the studio, she asks them the same five questions to get to know them a little better. This time, it's an all holiday theme! Who was naughty? Who was nice? Find out!

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