Will Ferrell & Ron Burgundy Fever

We’ve got Ron Burgundy fever as “Anchorman 2’s” Will Ferrell comes by along with David Koechner and two real-life legendary news anchors! Plus, how did a 230-pound 11-year-old turn her life around? Find out about her incredible weight loss and our huge surprise for her!

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10 years after "Anchorman," Will Ferrell is reprising his role as Ron Burgundy in "Anchorman 2." He opens up why he decided to make the second movie, when he realized he was funny and his time on SNL.

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Did you know that at one point in his life Will Ferrell wanted to be a sportscaster? He explains why it didn't end up working out for him. Plus, Will surprises a Ron Burgundy wannabe.

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Ron Burgundy's sidekick, sportscaster Champ Kind, aka David Koechner, stops by to talk about reuniting with the cast and working with Will again.

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Since "Anchorman 2" is about the news business in the 1980s, Katie decided to invite some veteran TV broadcasters to talk about the good old days.

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In the "Anchorman" movies, Ron Burgundy has some very unfortunate on-camera moments. Moments like that happen to even the most seasoned of newscasters and veteran journalists Connie Chung and Sam Donaldson reflect on their funniest moments.

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Last year, we met 11-year-old Keyanna Williams who was just starting her weight loss journey. Keyanna received a three month scholarship to the health and fitness boarding school MindStream Academy. Now she is back to show her progress.

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Since her last appearance on the show, 11-year-old Keyanna Williams has lost 44 pounds. Because of her success, and to help her stay on track, Katie gives Keyanna a special surprise.

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