Is Someone Watching You?

Hear stories of dangerous obsessions and get tips on what to do if you are being stalked. Then, meet three of the widows of the 19 fallen Arizona firefighters and hear how they are finding the strength to live on. Plus, choreographer Kyle Abraham on overcoming obstacles and dancing his way to the top.

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Dawn Hillyer shares her harrowing tale of an ex-boyfriend who made her life a living hell with constant phone calls, hacked e-mails and ultimately death threats.

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Detective Lorrie Bandor explains how she and her team were able to catch Dawn Hillyer's stalker and put him behind bars ... for now.

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Dr. Michelle Ward, host of Investigation Discovery's "Stalked: Someone's Watching," explains the warning signs of a possible stalker and steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Six months after a devastating wildfire claimed the lives of 19 Arizona firefighters, three of the fallen heroes' wives talk about the dedication of their husbands and how their families are coping today.

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Three of New York City's bravest, who are raising funds for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation to assist families of those killed in wildfires, get a few surprises to help them with their mission.

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Katie meets the talented Kyle Abraham, who did not start dancing until he was 17 yet recently won a coveted MacArthur Genius Grant!

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MacArthur Genius Grant winner Kyle Abraham performs for Katie and her audience.

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