Sandy Hook One Year Later & Emma Thompson

The Newtown community is still searching for a new normal after the tragedy that forever changed their lives. Hear their stories of loss and forgiveness one year later, and the incredible, inspirational message one little boy left for his mother. Then, two-time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson stops by to talk about her new film “Saving Mr. Banks” and the little-known backstory behind “Mary Poppins.”

Newtown Parents One Year Later

Mark and Jackie Barden lost their 6-year-old son Daniel in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting. They open up to Katie about how they’ve begun to heal one year later.

Emma Thompson: “Marriage Gets Easier As You Age”

Actress Emma Thompson opens up about the real reason she thinks marriage gets easier with age.

Emma Thompson Reveals the Truth About Prince Charles’ Dance Moves

Emma Thompson once said that dancing with Prince Charles is better than sex. Find out the story behind that comment!

Tune In To Katie!

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