Exclusive: Estranged Wife of George Zimmerman Speaks Out & Anjelica Huston

Shellie Zimmerman exposes the truth about her estranged husband’s latest news, and shares the important message she has for Trayvon Martin’s mother. Then, Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston is in Katie’s spotlight, our  “Challenge for Change” hits Washington D.C. to help inner city youth, and get the inside scoop on People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive!”

George Zimmerman’s Estranged Wife: “He Does Seem Like a Ticking Time Bomb”

In an exclusive interview, Shellie Zimmerman speaks out to Katie Couric about estranged husband George.

Shellie Zimmerman on Estranged Husband George: “It Certainly Seems Like Something Snapped”

George Zimmerman’s estranged wife reflects on why she married him, and how he has changed to behave “like a monster.”

Should Jack Nicholson Be Worried About Anjelica Huston’s Memoir?

The second part of Anjelica Huston’s memoir comes out later this year. Should her former fling of 15 years, Jack Nicholson, be worried? Find out!

Tune In To Katie!

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