Demi Lovato & Men with Eating Disorders

Meet men with eating disorders who have suffered in silence with their body image for years, including a 14-year-old boy and Mark Cuban’s brother who battled for 27 years. Then, Demi Lovato stops by to talk about the “X Factor,” her new book and her upcoming tour. And, don’t miss the second day of Katie’s Challenge for Change in Denver, where we partner with the Girl Scouts to help those in need bundle up for winter.

Mom Who Lost Son to Anorexia Opens Up About 9-Year

Susan Barry opens up to Katie about her son’s battle with anorexia – a battle that ended up taking his life. Hear her talk about her nine-year nightmare and find what she’s doing to prevent it from happening to other parents.

Mark Cuban’s Brother on 27-Year Battle with an Eating Disorder

Brian Cuban, brother of Mark Cuban, sits down with Katie to talk about his 27-year battle with an eating disorder and explains why he finally decided to go to public with his pain.

Demi Lovato: “My Life Is So Awesome Right Now”

Demi Lovato stops by to talk about the “X Factor,” her new book and her upcoming tour. Find out more about why the star says her life is “so awesome.”

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