Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later

On the anniversary of the storm that turned thousands of lives upside down, we’re sharing stories of perseverance, resilience and how families have come together in their darkest hour. Then, “Boardwalk Empire” star Steve Buscemi returns to the hardest hit areas to see how residents are getting back on their feet. Plus, meet incredible military veterans who are making a huge difference for Sandy victims, and find out what you need to know to keep your family safe in a super storm.

Steve Buscemi Visits with Hurricane Sandy Survivors

One year after Hurricane Sandy, Steve Buscemi catches up with Michelle Woods, whose firefighter husband helped many others to safety.

#SandyComeAtMe – A Nightmare Documented, by Marlene Paulin
Team Rubicon
Friends of Firefighters
Bobbi & the Strays
American Red Cross
State of New Jersey: Hurricane Sandy Information
New York Storm Recovery Resources Center

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