Sole Survivor of a Plane Crash

Imagine being the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash. It happened to Hannah Luce, who emerged from the tragedy that took the life of four of her friends. How did she live through that fateful day and find hope in life’s darkest moment? Plus, comedians Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley are in the house to talk about their new game show about lying!

A Plane Crash Survivor’s Moment of Clarity

Hannah Luce, the sole survivor of a plane crash that took the lives of four of her friends, recalls those final moments when she made peace with death.

Lost in the Wild

Cathy Frye, who was lost in the desert with her husband for five days, remembers one of the darkest moments of her ordeal.

Michael Ian Black & D.L. Hughley

Tune in Wednesday when Katie plays “Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host” with comedians Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley!

D.L. Hughley on His “Dancing with the Stars” Performance

It’s always been Katie’s dream to be on “Dancing with the Stars,” but as former contestant D.L. Hughley reveals, being voted off is not an easy thing to live down.

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