Regis Philbin & Hidden World of Counterfeit Purses

Do you own a counterfeit bag? Could you be funding a criminal organization and not even know it? Katie takes you inside the shady world of fake goods and reveals what you must know before you ever buy one again. Then, you never know what can happen when Regis comes by … why is he talking about sexy underwear from Judge Judy?

Regis’ Marriage Advice for Katie

What’s the key to a lasting marriage? Regis shares his advice with Katie.

Why Is Judge Judy Buying Sexy Underwear for Regis?

Find out why Regis says “I should have called the cops” about a gift from Judge Judy and tune in to hear more hilarious stories from the legendary Regis Philbin.

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Tune In To Katie!

Would you purchase a counterfeit bag? Share why or why not below.