Former Plus-Size Women Seek Revenge

They were humiliated and rejected for being overweight … but now they’ve transformed their bodies and gotten revenge too! Find out how former plus-size women were motivated to never be ridiculed again. Plus, “American Idol’s” Mandisa talks about settling the score with Simon Cowell, reveals her secret weight loss weapon, and even teaches Katie some Zumba moves!

“Have You Ever Thought About Losing Weight?”

Jennifer Tippie’s boyfriend made comments to her like, “Have you ever thought about losing weight?” Find out how she got revenge!

Did Mandisa Forgive Simon Cowell for Hurtful Weight Comments?

During “American Idol” auditions, Simon Cowell famously ridiculed Mandisa for her weight. Was Mandisa able to forgive Simon and is their relationship like today?

How Giuliana Rancic’s “Battle Wounds” Inspire Mandisa

American Idol contestant Mandisa reveals how she overcame years of abusing herself with food, being raped as a child, and the wounds that no longer cause her shame.

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Tune In To Katie!

Are you a Zumba fan? Sound off below if YOU would take Katie to class with you and what move you'd teach her!