Spied On Through a Webcam

Is someone using your own webcam to spy on you? Miss Teen USA reveals how she was hacked and then blackmailed! Find out if you’re at risk and what you can do to prevent your webcam from becoming a spy cam. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch on his rise to the top of the Hollywood A-list!

Miss Teen USA’s Webcam Hacker – The FBI Gets Involved

When the FBI finally went into the home of the man suspected of blackmailing Miss Teen USA with photos taken through her webcam, what they discovered shocked everyone. Tune in Wednesday to hear what they found!

Miss Teen USA: “My Computer Was Used As a Weapon.”

After a man attempted to blackmail her using nude photos he allegedly took through her own webcam, Miss Teen USA tells Katie about how she protects herself now.

“Benedict Cumberbatch” Sounds Like a WHAT in a Bath??

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch makes Katie double over with laughter when he explains why he originally didn’t want to use his real name as his stage name.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Julian Assange: Hero or Villain?

Katie asks Benedict Cumberbatch if he sees Julian Assange, the infamous WikiLeaks founder he portrays in “The Fifth Estate,” as more of a “noble hero” or “despicable villain.”

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