Daniel Radcliffe & Lyme Disease

Are you at risk for Lyme Disease? Does Chronic Lyme Disease really exist? Find out what you need to know to protect your family. Plus, Daniel Radcliffe talks about the iconic role that changed his life and his controversial new film, “Kill Your Darling.” Then it’s time for “Cashin’ in with Katie” so don’t miss our exclusive offers!

Daniel Radcliffe as Spider-Man?

A few of Daniel Radcliffe’s biggest fans put him in the hot seat to find out what he’d take with him on a deserted island, and which super power he would love to have!

Daniel Radcliffe’s Steamy Nude Scene

Even though Daniel Radcliffe has a steamy nude scene in his latest film, Kill Your Darlings, the actor says it pales in comparison to one of his previous roles!

One Woman’s Battle with Chronic Lyme Disease

Hear one courageous woman’s story about how Chronic Lyme Disease left her paralyzed and how she was determined to regain movement … and embrace her children again.

Are You at Risk for Lyme Disease?

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Tune In To Katie!

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