Shhh.. It’s Katie’s Surprise Show!

A Totally Unpredictable Episode of “Katie!”

Monday on “Katie,” it’s a whole show full of surprises: the audience has no idea who’s coming on or what’s in store during this very special episode, and neither does Katie! From mystery celebrity guests to a surprise performance on her set, Katie is sure to love what her producers have planned for her – and so will you!

Don’t you just love surprises? Well, we has plenty of surprises planned for this special show! Katie had no idea what we had in store for her and for our first Katie of 2013. That means everything from the segments, to the guests, down to her co-host (yes, co-host!) was a complete surprise!

“I have to assume you are very, very rich, Betty White.” -Andy Cohen

Did you know today is also Katie’s birthday? After celebrating birthdays together for years on TODAY, Al Roker couldn’t pass up the opportunity to surprise Katie for her big day.

“I’ve had people…say, ‘I thought you were funnier when you were fat.’” -Al Roker

Al Rocker may have had Katie singing, but our next guest definitely had her dancing. And although he says he probably only made it in Hollywood because he’s had more plastic surgery than anyone else around, we all know and love J.R. Martinez as a Dancing With the Stars champion and hero.

“We all have to find ways to do two things: adapt and overcome.” -J.R. Martinez

Our next mystery guest is most famous for his triple D’s. And because we know Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is one of Katie’s favorite shows, we had celebrity chef Guy Fieri stop by to whip up some birthday treats.

“Everything is better with bacon!”-Guy Fieri

We knew our surprise show would be a circus, so we thought, “Well, why not send in the clowns?” Straight from New York City’s Big Apple Circus, some of the most famous clowns in town gave us a special performance. Even our audience was part of the act!

“This show has been a circus so far!” -Andy Cohen

Because it wouldn’t be a birthday without a little “Happy Birthday,” we had some of Katie’s friends send her a special message.

Tune In To Katie!

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