Cedric The Entertainer & Niecy Nash

Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash dish about the upcoming season of “The Soul Man.” Steve Schirripa (“Sopranos”) opens up about raising daughters and his unconventional parenting techniques. And it’s been 30 years since Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America – she’s still going strong at 50 and is so good at playing bad!

Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash are the dynamic duo who star as husband and wife in TV Land’s hilarious show, The Soul Man. And these two are just as funny off the screen as they are on.

“After you meet a man, you gotta keep him outta the streets and in your sheets.” –Niecy Nash

With a successful TV show already under their belt, Cedric The Entertainer and Niecy Nash are showing no signs of slowing down. Niecy is out with a new book and Cedric The Entertainer has just been tapped to be the brand new host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

“Ya’ll going to win some money.” –Cedric The Entertainer

30 years ago, Vanessa Williams busted through the glass ceiling by becoming the first African American to be crowned Miss America. She survived the scandal that cost her that title and became one of the most sought after triple-threats in the business. Now she is back on Broadway in the revival of Trip to Bountiful.

“I had death threats coming into my house.” –Vanessa Williams

Steve Schirripa was part of one of TV’s most iconic shows, The Sopranos, for more than seven years. As mobster Bobby Baccalieri, he booked some hits and took some hits. Now he is opening up about raising daughters and his unconventional parenting techniques in his new book.

“There are parents out there that need to be slapped.” –Steve Schirripa

It’s summer and that means one thing – bathing suit weather. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, there are thousands of diet books all promising to help you lose weight fast, but it’s hard to know what actually works. So Katie recruited some brave staff members to test-drive some of the summer’s hottest diets and Dr. Mark Hyman to tell us all about them.

“It’s really about taking out the things that are problematic.” –Dr. Mark Hyman

Nothing is more fun in the summer than a backyard barbeque. But, some of our favorite classic dishes can weigh us down, literally. Dr. Mark Hyman shows us how to swap out some summer BBQ staples for healthier options without sacrificing flavor.

“You can actually have healthy substitutes for the common foods we eat.” –Dr. Mark Hyman

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